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Marvit VoIP is undoubtedly a front runner amongst the Best VoIP Companies which characterize an exceptional cost effective communication services that connects one person to another though net interface devices .We deliver incomparable telecommunication network and solutions that has important qualities of clarity, portability and user friendly. Marvit VoIP presents Phone VoIP Services and solution in order to have an economical calling tariffs that is applicable more than 60 countries with having feature like  call forwarding, Call waiting,  IVR , Caller ID and all that . It has a massive not only in regional and national level but it is taking step forward to the global platform.

Marvit VoIP is continuously working on how communication can be more convenient to the mankind. Mobile application and development is today’s trend, and now it is has been an additional functionalities to be prepared by Marvit VoIP so that one can take full advantages and enjoy all the aspects and mechanism of Voice Over IP applications, mobile applications and so on. It will entertain you on your region as well connect you across the world as you are facilitated to call anywhere , anytime and at a very cheapest quote with clarity of voice and network in that.

We have also an excellent extent; our pioneering VoIP solutions have more channels, networks and devices than any other provider. Moreover we offer unparalleled integration. We are one of the best and solitary service providers that consolidated all important communication channels into a single desktop/mobile software client and service.  We have a proprietary integrated expertise platform with IP telephony services which could be implemented and tested in any kind of business .Unquestionably Marvit VoIP is a strong medium to give unremitting approaches to the new techniques and efficiency in order to gain progression in quality, productivity, cost effective, result oriented and business opportunities. And this entire task and responsibilities is executed by our powerful and strong Admin that organize the prospectus of business strategy.

Save with us 90% of your international or roaming costs!!

With exceptional voice quality we can provide you with all termination through our carriers which are the innovative IP technology and best voice quality.

It is EASY !

Marvit VoIP Softphone is installed directly in your mobile telephone. You click on Marvit VoIP on your mobile screen , dial the number and you’ll be connect. You need only good internet connection ( EDGE, 3G or WIFI) and you can make calls throught the World with our CHEAPEST RATES .

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Calls to our MarvitVoip supported countries can be free.
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Save up to 98% with some of the world’s lowest rates to all mobiles or landlines.
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