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question Where can I get the Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer App?
Download on your PC & Device and install and use with Marvit VoIP SIP Account. SIP Account click here.
question How do I make a call from Symbian Mobile Dialer?
Register on Marvit VoIP and get SIP Account. Login with your SIP account and make a call. Calling through Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer App is incredibly easy. To call an existing contact, click Contacts and then right click (or double click) the contact you wish to dial, then click Call Contact. To simply dial a number directly, key it in on the dialpad screen and click Call.
question How much does it cost?
Discover our competitive rates at www.marvitvoip/rates/
question Can I use the call anywhere in the world?
Yes you call anywhere in the world through Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer..
question How do I manage my Marvit VoIP contacts in the Symbian Mobile Dialer?
To manage your Marvit VoIP contacts, click Contacts to see your full contact list.

If you want to add a new contact, click the New button. You'll have to enter your contact's information and then you can add a phone number for the contact. Just click Add More Numbers to continue adding multiple phones for your contact.

To delete or edit a contact, double click on your contact and then click Edit or Delete at the top of the screen.

question How do I make a payment on my Marvit VoIP account?
Go to your Login Panel and click on Buy Now button and you will be able to add Payment on your account easily.
question Can I use Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer to call land lines?
Yes, Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer support calls from and to landlines as well as mobile phones.
question How can I inform Marvit VoIP about bugs or other issues experienced with the Symbian Mobile Dialer?
Your feedback is crucial to ensure that we maintain a great product for all Marvit VoIP users! If you want to report an issue please Email-Us

Please make sure you explain, as specifically as possible, the problem you encountered. The more information, the better!
question What firmware version do I need to run on my Symbian Mobile Dialer to use the app?
The App is tested and optimized for Symbian (S60 3rd edition, S60 5th edition)
question How does the Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer?
With Stream VoIP you can a make calls to to any phone number.

Marvit VoIP uses your Symbian Mobile built in contact list and all contacts that have the application will be calling on click.
question What types of calls can I make with the Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer app?
The Marvit VoIP Symbian Mobile Dialer application will connect the call using your active data connection (WiFi or 3G) if available.
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